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Monday, January 16, 2017

UFO's In Maine? - 2016 Orb Pictures From Maine (Submitted To MUFON)

Hello Maine readers - thanks for checking out the UAP in the skies within your state borders. This is the 4th updating of the State UFO blogging series for Maine - see other State UFO's in the sidebar. As readers of my main blogs about UFO's know... the orb phenomena often happens in the same location for periods of time....easiest to be seen at night of course - and in many cases additional UFO phenomenology effects for those near the phenomena. Many of those reporting have very detailed accounts of high strangeness and repeat UFO sightings.... I've provided links to many of the stories of the pictures that turned up in the Maine 2016 MUFON search. (MUFON often deletes the best photos - so see them today).
It's an articulate report...flashing light low on the horizon type, submitted multiple pictures, video - one picture highlighted below
The blowup of this photo almost seems to have a Saucer Shape around it.
This orb was high in the sky and reported by someone who had previously observed the UAP phenomena.
There are some remarkable Orb photos submitted in the report along with the video he describes below ..this is some of the report.
The sky was clear that night and full of stars. We have no neighbors around us and are surrounded by woods so it's very dark - nothing lighting up the sky but the stars. I couldn't figure out what it could possibly be, but I had never seen anything that big, bright, and noticeable in the sky in my life. I went and got my cell phone to take some pictures of the object, and when I finally focused on it I couldn't believe what I was seeing. There were no other stars visible when looking through the camera I could only see the object - (but to the naked eye there were lots of stars visible) - not only that, although the object was only moving slightly to my naked eye, when I looked at it through the camera, it was blinking and moving all over the place. I started recording it, and I "zoomed" in and out on the object so that I could try and see what it was. When I magnified the object I was in awe...there were different colors coming off of it, and it was moving so much - I kept asking myself how that could be possible when what I was directly looking at was moving, but not like that! I stopped recording when my phone ran out space!
And...an amazing pic...one of many equally as amazing
This person also reports that they have seen UAP's before in the sky and have even gotten responses from the light objects when flashing a LED high powered flashlight.

The above report included several videos too.
As the person indicates in the report above...they've seen UAP's before. 

To me most of what was submitted doesn't have the quality to determine anything... nonetheless of interest for the movement seen in the three consecutive daytime photos.
Of course...not all experiences come with pictures or videos - the one above is a perfect example of mindfulness apparently triggering a UAP....IMO.
I want to thank all of you for your attention and interest today... Make sure to check out the sidebar too.