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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Orbs In Maine - Repeat Locations (Bowdoinham and Richmond) - Multiple Witnesses (Latest MUFON Reports)

You don't find often an articulate report about Orbs as this one submitted to MUFON on 3-14-14 about a 2nd event seen by the submitter - as you can read below:
(I believe the first date below was meant to read 2013)
Tuesday September 17, 2014 - Bowdoinham, Maine - I Observed a green "flare" like orb kind of falling in a light arc toward my backyard (a hay field). I thought it may have been fireworks and was worried the field would be set on fire. I checked outside, visually, from 3 areas, and hollered out into the darkness from all 3 locations - but it was clear, no one was outside. It's a very rural area, everyone knows everyone out here. If someone was outside they'd have hollered back when I yelled to see if anyone was out there.

Directly after observing this event, I posted to Facebook that I saw this green thing falling quite slowly from the sky, and a friend of mine said it was bizarre that someone she knows in the next town over (Richmond, Maine) saw, pretty much, what I explained I observed and facebooked it almost at the same exact time. The falling "flare" or "orb", or whatever it was, in my yard was so low there is no way this person in another town was looking at what I was looking at.

I went out to the hayfield to check what it was that fell, but could find nothing.  

So there were 2 witnesses to at least 1, maybe 2, green-light "flare" like "orbs" in the air on the same night at the same general time. I say "in the air" and not "in the sky" because, really, this thing was lower than the trees - it was within the trees and falling toward the ground - when I saw it.

This same type of event happened again roughly 5 months later - Sunday February 23, 2014 - around midnight and was observed by 2 different people and also in 2 different towns. It was seen in Richmond, Maine and reported on Facebook, and a friend responded to this report by saying they also observed a green flare like orb in Bowdoin, Maine at roughly the same time.

In Addition:

I'm not sure if it's related, but a few years earlier (less than 10 years earlier) I saw an orange spotlight hanging in the sky over the trees just beyond the hayfield this green flare/orb fell in. I honestly thought nothing of this spotlight - I thought it was something normal, like a helicopter or something, maybe with police in it and they were looking for people? It just never occurred to me it was weird, until our garage motion light was triggered by us opening the garage door. When the motion lights flashed on in the yard, I was still looking at this orange spotlight, and I observed it go from a completely standstill position - it was literally just stuck there in the sky, no movement and no sound (We was in our truck at the time, driving into our driveway. I rolled down my window and verbalized it was weird there was no sounds from helicopter blades.) - to instantly streaking across the sky and zipping completely out of sight in the direction of Bowdoin/Topsham/Brunswick/Freeport...

I have no idea what that was. I can only say that's what I saw. I didn't talk out loud about it to too many people but luckily those I did tell read the paper. There was an article in the Portland Press Herald (I'm pretty sure that was the paper) that was specifically about UFO sightings all over different parts of Maine that week. One of the reports was pretty much what I saw, which was this orange spotlight. The town that happened in, I think, was Norridgewock, and that's quite a far distance from Bowdoinham.  

And now these green orbs are falling in, and around, these towns, and people are reporting their movement as somewhat intelligent in-nature because they aren't always just "falling". They've been reported to zig-zag and take direct turns.

So I thought I'd post it here and maybe someone from this area of Maine will chime in and report any sightings they may have had.
Indeed, anyone else?
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