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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Astounding 2014-2015 Maine UFO Reports To MUFON

Hello readers and especially readers from Maine. This is the fourth`state' UFO search I've done in the past 10 days for my state UFO blogging series... an extension of what I do about 200 times a year at UDCC (UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock). Maine as you will read, provides some compelling reports of strange anomalous sky events..mostly involving some range of the structures seemingly provided by the Orb phenomena. Interestingly... the most compelling stories lacked photos and the photo reports were simply not that compelling... doesn't always happen that way but for Maine...for the past year... it is. Regardless....open your mind for these words. These were the best of 33 reports in the past year from Maine to MUFON.

Let's let the stories speak for themselves:

On my back deck smoking a cigarette when I noticed a dim light moving very fast across the sky the size of a star, solid light never blinking as a plane does. I have seen many of these unexplained star-like light moving an changing direction so I decided to try flashing a flashlight at it. As the object passed over my residence I flashed my flashlight in rhythms multiple times, an my porch light trying to get its attention as it flew overhead. I got a response, an this object came back around only significantly lower an brighter an I got a second response witnessed by myself, my sister, and nephew. 
I live very close to Portland International Airport, I know this was No Plane, or Helicopter. An I have in fact seen these objects trailing planes towards the airport. I would love to show an expert what I have seen, and am currently seeing on almost a nightly basis.
red is always my emphasis
While only a counted number of `proof' of the pudding videos exist of this `contact' scenario (but I've posted some) ... it has been often been reported by repeat experiencers... like these folks.
longer report

We had just gotten on I-95 north in Augusta, Maine, at exit 109. The sky was clear. It was dusk. The sky was still bluish pink from the sunsetting. We all noticed something hovering in the sky on the opposite side of the highway in front of us. It was triangular. It was not moving. At each vertex of the triangle there was a white light. The three lights appeared equidistant from each other. We could see a flat bottom and the light allowed us to see a 90 degree angle where the bottom met the edges that then moved up to give the object height. Most of us couldn’t stop looking at the edges because they were not anything like any aircraft that we are familiar with. We could see that the object was a flat metal color. It had no shine to it. Where the light hit the object, it looked like a tin color. There were no color lights at all. My wife was driving, but she could see it out her window, but not for as long as I could see it from the passenger seat. My three children were in the backseat. All three children saw the object. I saw it out the front window first, then through the back window, and then I took off my seatbelt and stuck my head out the roof through the sunroof. When I stuck my head out the roof, I could not hear anything more than the wind caused by driving. No airplane sound at all, at anytime. The object never moved, it just hovered. My wife was afraid to pull over, so we lost sight of it as we drove away. We do not look for UFO’s. This object was so out of place that it was difficult for us not to notice it. All of us noticed it at the same time, and we were all in shock as we starred at it for as long as we could. My daughter even became frightened; it was that real to her. I did not try to take a photo because there was not enough time, and I would have lost a lot of the time I had to observe it. All we had was our cell phones, and we didn't think a cell phone picture would have shown anything more than the lights, so we just watched the object as we drove away from it.

Shared hallucination? WTH right? I would have liked more detail on size, distance and such but certainly a vivid ongoing phenomena display. Silent hovering `craft' of all shapes and sizes fit this bill.
the above is a long report that I'll let you read yourself - says many folks report local anomalous phenomena

This evening in the town of Bar Harbor, Maine a friend and I pulled into the Hannaford (Grocery store.) Parking lot and my friend exclaimed "What is that!" I looked at what he was pointing at and saw 2 large highly reflective objects "hanging" in the sky. 

We observed them for over 1 min they were completely motionless. We watched a plane fly by and it was clear they were not moving by referencing them to the power lines near us and the plane in the sky that we could see at the time. 

I snapped the attached picture and we began to leave go to a higher vantage point to look at this anomaly as my friend was rather excited, as we got in the car the objects vanished at the same time. This cellphone picture is clearly not great but the objects can be clearly seen so I though it should be included here. 

I believe they were UFO's because they clearly were not helicopters or planes but were somehow defying gravity in the open sky.
And the picture
Event was in Raymond
On the nignt of October,13th, 2014 at 20:45hours or 8:45pm U.S. Eastern Time Zone. I was walking out to my 2006Nissan Altima at my house on Glen Road, Raymond, Maine as I was grabbing work cloths to wash from my car I noticed a moving light in the sky. At first it was hard to see and then turned off all outside lights off. It was a cloudy night out and the cloud coverage was low. I Noticed a half dozen or more fuzzy oval bluish greenish transparent lights moving in a pattern formation in the clouds. They would move very fast some would spin like a ferris wheel and then they would stop suddenly and then change there pattern. The continue for and 1 hour and a half doing 3 or 4 pattern formations. Around 21:00 hours or 9:00pm I called 911 dispatch and I was the fourth person to call in reportong the lights. They had Cumberland County Deputies searching the Raymond Cape area looking to see where they were coming from. They told me then and again when I followed up the next day that no ground lights caused these lights to appear. At 22:00 hours the lights disappeared just when the clouds started to clear up.i have talked to several neighbors that lived off the Cape Road in Raymond thatnsawmthe lights. I have callex the news three times and they told me they would follow back up with me amd they havent. The Cumberland Counth Sheriffs will only say that they werent ground lights and thats it. I tried calling the Maine Air National Guard in South Portland and they wont comment. One more thing while the lights where in the sky I did here a small propellor airplane flying in the clouds heading towards the lights. I couldnt see the plane I could only here it. It flew straight threw and continued on. I know 7 witnesses, but there are more. I tried to fil the lights but they were to faint to pick up I doo have a 4 second video, but it did make my phone act up and it did the same to two other people that I talked to that witnessed it.
Seldom do reports of UFOs to the media or military get real attention... at the very local level... yes on occasion.
Lights in certain locations are certainly a known thing. You can read this compelling emotional account yourself.
very interesting report.... the only picture that resembled this low flying silent object is a 2016 design craft not yet built.
And Finally
You get all kinds of tantalizing bits in the MUFON reports available to the public... like the ones that obviously need a follow up... such as LIFELONG events and then finding THESE marks in your driveway:
or not
but, WTH?

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